Antenne #1 was released in Europe and the US by the dutch label "Korm Plastics/Staalplaat" in december 2000.
Catalogue nr. kp3002. Pressed in only 500 copies, it is now almost impossible to find.

8 tracks with a total playing length of 53 minutes:

1 - Here to go
2 - Like rain
3 - Let me ride it
4 - Whispering
5 - PPG hold prg. 11
6 - Moving slow
7 - Something not to do
8 - Memo

Composed, written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Kim G. Hansen

Vocal by Marie-Louise Munck
Lap guitar by Henrik Liebgott
Original drum recordings played by Henrik Haahr
Cover design by

Electroage Magazine wrote:

"Shadowy electronics provide a curtained backdrop for the twisted beats while Munck is impeccable and simply gorgeous, a triumph. A moment of pensive beauty and a grand work of electronic,.. Antenne could easily become a household name and #1 is a gem of sadness and beauty to discover."

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