pressrelease vinyl #1

antenne #1 re-issued on vinyl.

The Danish duo antenne releases their first album on vinyl the 22nd of April.

Having hibernated since 2008, when their 3rd album was released,

the groundbreaking electronica/dream-pop-duo antenne is now waking up.

In the fall, a fourth and brand new album will be released,

and in the meantime the first three albums will be re-released - this time on vinyl.

First up is the album # 1, already out april the 22nd.

Originally published by renowned Dutch label

Korm Plastics / Staalplaat in 2000 in only 500 CD-copies, 

But the album has received great recognition and fine reviews in several dimensions:

Brainwashed - november 01

ANTENNE, "#1" Antenne is the new solo project of Copenhagen's Kim G. Hansen, formerly of Danish group Amstrong, 

for the long-lived Dutch label Korm Plastics. Hansen mixes up electronic and acoustic sounds 

- analogue synth wash, gentle guitar strums and notes, minimal bass and beats 

- for the desired effect, a sort of slow motion, desolate, ambient pop. - Mark Weddle 

ANTENNE #1 (Korm Plastics) 

…cymbal brushed laziness that leans on sparse instrumentation (guitar, electronics, maybe more) 

that congeals into sluggish, repetitive cadences. The breathy, blown glass about to burst female vocals 

remind one a bit of a 3:00 AM in the morning take on Portishead, tired, but with an odd experimental luminescence. 

 Antenne creates curiously illusive music that surprisingly captivates despite the inherent listless impetus.

-JC Smith Outburn magazine

antenne is primarily the work of Kim G. Hansen, who is both composer, programmer and producer of # 1.

He has worked in the Copenhagen musicscene as musician, sound engineer and producer in a 

number of years, and is also known for his work as producer and editor of radio-documentaries, montages and podcasts.

Marie-Louise Munck contributes her beautiful, subdued vocal to the project.

The album "#1", released for the first time in December 2000, is a unique mix of acoustic instruments

and electronics, avant-garde soundscapes and beautiful pop songs.

Pressed by Copenhagens Nordsø plant in 180 grams of black vinyl, with a new cover designed by the artist

Marie Rosenkrantz Gjedsted, it is out since the 22nd of april

Frontside of albumcover: